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Hiring and Onboarding Compliance

There are certain rules in every organization to which their employees need to comply in order to retain their employment.

Such rules are applicable to the hiring and onboarding team of an organization too. Especially when this particular team has the responsibility of hiring the right person for the right designation and at the right time.

The human resource or the hiring and onboarding department of any organization has a set of rules to comply and adhere to. Failing which, the team can lose their credibility and employment.

This team is at a higher level of stress and responsibility for hiring a personnel and onboarding the same.
Social media can be a source of help to the team for hiring quality workforce which helps in fulfilling their tasks and comply with the rules at the same time. There are many applications which help in this regard.

Some organizations and multinational companies have been observed to have outsourced their hiring and onboarding department such that quality people can be hired at the same cost of having an in built team.

There is yet another factor which needs to be taken care of that once a few candidatures get shortlisted for their series of interviews, the team cannot eliminate any single candidature without their chance of the procedure. This is the opportunity provided to all the prospective candidature equally for employment. Failing this, would lead to losing of credibility to whomsoever responsible for the same.

The next and important step in order to hire and onboard for the particular post is to get questionnaires filled by the candidates which are mandatory by the organization. There are also aptitude exams which need to be qualified in order to gain employment into a certain organization.

A new set of questions have been adopted by a few organizations. These are based on situations related to work. The intension of such questionnaires is to derive the mentality and behavior of the personnel to be hired.

The questionnaire also involves questions regarding to actions that one shall take during a particular obstacle at work. This test acts as a tool to measure whether a particular candidate is appropriate for the work profile stated for hiring through their given responses.

It is also important that the hiring and onboarding personnel be present on social media sources in a manner that convinces prospective candidates to approach them.

The source of candidates is not a deep pool; hence there also is a need for a mechanism where the rejected candidates at an earlier stage are brought into the picture again. This is also due to the eligibility and profile that the candidates who are sourced should match appropriately.

Mistake or errors can be made by the interviewers too while rating or selecting a particular candidate for their organization. There should be a technique which can be applied that such mistakes do not occur. As such a mistake can lead to errors I compliance leading to serious consequences.
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